Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introductions are always awkward

I kind of feel like the first post of a blog is a lot like the first day of school. You have to play that stupid "game" where everyone goes in a circle and has to say what their name is, what they are majoring in, and a random or "interesting" fact about themselves. I am always annoyed by what other people deem "interesting". "Hi, my name is Cindy, I'm a communications major, and an interesting fact about me is that I own two cats!" Congratulations, Cindy... you and 37.5 million people in this country own cats. That's not interesting at all. Well, I am always awkward when it comes to this game. For the longest time, I never could figure out what my interesting fact was, so that people wouldn't judge me like I just judged Cindy McMeow over there. Then finally one day it hit me. Hi, my name is Alexandra, I'm a theatre major, and I like cupcakes.
When it comes down to it, EVERYONE likes cupcakes, but I seem to be the only person in my classes that will fess up to enjoying the sweet three bite concoctions that were brought to school on birthdays in the third grade. Oh man, do I miss those days. No one ever bakes for fun or to share anymore. Well, being a college student, it seems that no one bakes EVER, but I feel that's because there are no satisfactory kitchens within a 100 mile radius of my campus.
So here I am, trying to live up to the high blogging standards that I seem to have given myself due to all of the other high quality baking blogs that are out there (thanks a lot bakerella!) I may not be as original as she, but I know how to bake, and really when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter who's recipe it was, it matters how freaking good that little cupcake tastes.
Attention cupcake idiots around the world, I'm here for you. I myself have made cupcakes from scratch a total of like... 3 times. Which is why I have decided to go totally Julia Powell on you and try to make every cupcake recipe out of the only book that I deem capable of teaching me everything there is to know about cupcakes; Cupcakes by Martha Stewart. Wish me luck, and let the baking begin!


hmbenn said...

Lovely introduction. The three recipes that you made were ALL delicious too. You should have a cupcake bakery!

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