Sunday, March 14, 2010

First weekend of baking= SUCCESS!

This weekend was the first weekend of baking for this idiotic project that I have made up. I went home to visit mi madre and all we did was make cupcakes. It was WONDERFUL. We literally spent 30 minutes contemplating which recipes to make first from The Book. My oh my, was it wonderful.
But, I have a few complaints. First. I realized that if I'm not careful, I'm going to gain 50 pounds due to Martha's wonderful ability to turn pounds and pounds of butter, sugar, eggs, and other artery clogging goodies into light and fluffy mounds of goodness. I'm going to die early because of this, Martha, I hope you're happy with yourself.
My second complaint is the fact that if you don't have a Trader Joe's or something close to one, it is very difficult to find some of the obscure ingredients that are used in the more unique recipes. And, seeing how my family lives in a small town, if Walmart doesn't carry it, you can pretty much bet that you aren't going to find it for another 100 miles (aka the closest city that has specialty food stores). I have two solutions to this problem; MOM- move somewhere cooler or SMALL TOWN- get big. I have a feeling that none of my solutions will be used to ease my baking pains.
My third and last complaint is that I was unaware that my body was going to sustain injury during such a seemingly simple process. NOTE TO EVERYONE OUT THERE: OVENS PRODUCE HEAT. DO NOT TOUCH THEM DIRECTLY. THE OUTCOME IS NOT PRETTY. I am currently sporting not one, not two, but three super attractive burn marks on my hands. Oven mitts? psssh, those are for LAME-Os! At least, that was my thinking until recently. My recent google history consists of "Oven Mitt Patterns" and "Bulldog Puppies" but thats only because I'm a fan of puppies (don't judge me! secretly you like them too, just admit it and move on with your life).
So, airing of grievances aside, I had a great time baking. Who would have thought that such a simple thing as a cupcake could be so heart warming? Ask mom, she'll tell you that the bonding that occurs over a mixer with flour FLYING out of it (because I put WAY too much in the first time... Ooops...) is far greater than the bonding that occurs over whatever it is boys do. Fishing? Hunting? Do either of those activities produce small, hot, blobs of heavenly goodness? No. Besides, my mom likes passing the "baking baton" down to me. I mean, it's about flippin time! Her mom loved to bake, she loves to bake, and finally the bug has bitten and you can't pay me enough to get me out of the kitchen (unless it's over $20. I am a starving college student, people). She is enjoying the learning process, by making fun of my awkward ways of doing things. Whatever, that's what moms are for. I'm completely okay with it.
Well, tomorrow is approaching entirely too soon, so I had better sign off for tonight. What's that you ask? Yes, yes, I'll tell you all about what we made, but tomorrow, okay? We even took pictures. Mom and I might have gotten a little picture crazy, but hey, who doesn't want to see all of the amazingness that we baked up this weekend? Exactly. Tomorrow. They'll be here.


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